Illustration Friday

I have always loved the mix and match books for children where the page is cut into 3 and you can change the legs, body and head to make weird and wonderful characters. This illustration was intended for last weeks illustration Friday word hybrid but I became sidetracked with other work and didn't create it in time so I thought it would go with this weeks illustration word that is fresh. A fresh new look perhaps.......


  1. Ms. Melissa, a good work, is so broad and covers so many aspects that any word can adapt to it
    This wonderful illustration, fits so well with hybrid and with fresh
    is also very funny.
    I love your art

  2. I had one of those books! I think I made a couple crude versions of my own as a youngin. :D I love this combination you've made. So charming!

  3. It's great Melissa, well done!

  4. Oh, I love those books too! And once I had a toy that was a set of blocks that turned to create such characters. And I love to play Exquisite Corpse too, when other people do parts of the figure. Beautiful piece!

  5. I love those books too and this illo Melissa!