A personal illustration I just finished of Thumbelina (a.k.a Maia). Gouache on paper.



A little illustration for my picture book portfolio. Painted with gouache on paper.


This is an illustration I created for the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Weekend magazine. 


Virgin Voyeur Mag

My illustration is in this months Virgin Australia Voyeur magazine and also a little bit about me in the contributors spot. I had a lot of fun with this illustration. Thank you Virgin Airlines...


I do love my cat Esther, but using my paint plate as a pillow is not helpful when it comes to keeping my illustrations clean and cat hair free, however, I do enjoy her beside me when I am painting. Essie wins for now... x


Here are some little characters that I have developed for my picture book portfolio. Meet Maude and Tricky. I get the feeling that Maude likes the camera.


A character study of my daughter. Every night without fail my daughter will create many reasons for not going to bed and she will try to convince me that she has to sleep in my bed. I usually wake up to her beside me in the mornings as she has snuck into my bed during the night... x