I thought for this weeks Illustration Friday topic of talent I would post my circus bear illustration that is painted with gouache on ply wood. I think my bear yearns for the wilderness....


  1. exactly: he (she??? because of skirt) yearns for the wilderness.... great expression in his (her) eyes ....
    Good work!

  2. definitely agree with artisjokken. he's definitely longing for the wild with those big sad eyes. love your style of illustration, Melissa.

  3. aw yes, he does look like it. Beautiful painting.

  4. Hey, dear Mrs. Melissa Mackie!
    I apologize, I do not understand how I missed this post?!!!
    Excellent, you used a different technique than usual?

    I send my greetings, kiss and hug.!!!!

  5. I would like to give you The Liebster Blog Award, because I think your blog is great in every way :)
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    Thank you and good luck with your lovely works!!!

  6. Sorry Katarzyna... I didn't see this until now(1 month later). Thank you for nominating me. :) I will pop into your blog soon.