Here are the spot illustrations I did for the ABC Organic Gardeners magazine. Being an organic gardener is my other passion even if I do fluke it most times but there is nothing better than growing your own vegies and getting the hands dirty after being on the computer all day.  I am a big fan of the show and magazine. Thank you Jacqueline for the opportunity to illustrate for your magazine.


  1. Hi Malissa!!
    I must say that I also would like to have my garden at home. and I swear I tried many times but unfortunately no luck :(
    when it is not because of the ants, is caused by locusts, or other kinds of bugs, but my garden, never worked.
    Additional irrigation water is very expensive here, so the day that I could have a lettuce plant, its cost was three times the cost in the supermarket. ha ha, that's my story with vegetables :(((((
    good vibes ♫ good vibes ♫ ;)))))

  2. These are simply lovely. I think we've chatted about chickens before, so you know I love the hen. What charming images...they make me want to get going on my fall/winter garden.

  3. Very nice illustration! I like gardening myself, but I don't have a yard... maybe someday I would have one. :)

  4. If your lovely drawings do not motivate people to organic gardening, what will? :-)

    Your illustration communicate sweetness and kindness. Two ingredients that come with organic gardening.