Illustration Friday: Brigade
I have recently welcomed a 5 year old dog called Mo into the family. I have not owned a dog for 17 years so I am a little fresh when it comes to raising a dog. Mo is an adorable, sweet yet feisty Fox terrier x Maltese and yes that is Mo pulling me along in the illustration. For this weeks prompt of Brigade I have created this illustration called "Dog Brigade". You have your mix of dog people.... some proud, some competitive and judgemental, some lovely and helpful, some annoyed that your dog chose to hump and bark when meeting their dog. Oh the joys of being a dog owner. Mo is really very sweet though.....

Please click on the image for a closer look. This illustration is a combination of photographic collage and painted elements such as the dog heads.


  1. Hi Melissa!
    You made me laugh
    Congratulations, this week I got tired of seeing all kind of brigades in IF. but your contribution is great!
    I know what a dog is annoying, I have one of them, a Labrador, which will never be an adult, all day he wants to play!!!!!
    Do you know what I like about your artwork? The way you handle the "work space", as if it were a virtual space, no up or down, without perspective, can be real or not.
    I also like the kind of color you use, I would say, "a color palette Miss Melissa"

  2. Congratulations on Mo your new family addition and muse :)

  3. nice dog brigade. Sounds good: Melissa and Mo :-)

  4. This is a great layout - very dynamic. I love the outfits you chose for the dog people. I like how the chihuahua is trying to catch a glimpse of the dog. Great job on the dog faces.

    And congratulations on the new dog. They are the best. (As for dog people, I seem to prefer them over non-dog people) :)

  5. Haha Melissa, I just had a celebratory post in honour of 'hump' day as you know and now I realise that even dogs celebrate it.

    I am having a good chuckle at your illustration, it's kind of old fashioned feel but it s ays so much about humanity in the guise of the dog protagonists ! :)

    When we go past dogs with ugly owners I alsways say to wife: "I wonder if that dog realises that in a few years it will start to look like its owner"

    Of course dogs have no idea that it might happene to them. Otherwise there would be many more cases of dog suicide happening all over oz :)

    hope you aren't getting our freezing weather up there/ I have had my winter board shorts on for about a week now (different ones every day mind you :) )

  6. New doggies can be challenging..but congratulations! They are so worth it all, methinks. About the art: wonderful! I love those 50's sweaters--and the dog heads? Fab! You look lovely walking Mo, btw. :)

  7. I love your style! The story this tells is great. Nicely executed :)

  8. How lovely that Mo has a new family! I always love your animal people; I picture you sifting through images thinking, "That Labrador would never wear that skirt!" So wonderfully unique.