1. Oooh, I like how we both had sort of the same idea. My illustration is here: http://thecarolinejohansson.com/blog/2011/12/illustration-friday-sink/

  2. nice illustration, nice use of the colours

  3. Melissa, you do not need too much to move me.
    When a person is really telented, and creative
    she manages to express their ideas with few elements
    and does not require the use of thousands of brushes, the best brands of paint, the best computer programs!
    no, actually, is the opposite, people are not great talents use this to hide the lack
    You move me with ... almost nothing.
    I hope that next year we can continue watching your excellent creations
    Kisses and hugs, and all the happiness for you!!!!!

  4. ahh....thank you Roberto, and all the happiness to you also :)

    and thank you Caroline, Nelleke and Trudy....

  5. This is my favourite so far for for this theme, simple but effective!

  6. ooooh... I love you sinking ilo!
    It's really perfect for the theme.
    Nice to find your blog :^)

  7. Hey Melissa I actually clicked on Murwillumbah and discovered that at least 65 other people in ther world can spell it and have blogs as well! I thought you would like to know that.

    Hey, love the fact that you have French in this and that the lettering does not go all over the paper, and for us nonolinguists that is a plus - but we still wonder on the mystery of the Foreign Language :)

    I hope your day in Murwillumbah (I had to copy and paste that just to be sure) is rocking and that your Christmas shopping is all wrapped up!

    I made Calenders this year, bought one of those binder things, easy peasy, but I haven't figured out how the rels will hang them ... probably very carefully.

    See you :) Have a good one!

    (Funny, imagine being Spanish and reading this? Who said Australians have no colloquialisms)

  8. The way the lines go in the image - a great composition.

  9. Admired, Miss Melissa Mackie
    Today only I came to wish you Merry Christmas and a year 2012 full of stars in your heart.
    You still creating, and making our eyes are filled with happiness !!!!!!
    Thank you!

  10. simplicity and subtlety really works here!

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, sorry I'll always say Miss, and now I realized that I must tell Madam.
    but if you let me, I keep saying Miss Melissa Mackie, can I?
    Best wishes to you and your family! :)

  12. A perfectly lovely image for "sink"! Happy New Year to you, Melissa!

  13. Happy new year Melissa, love the simplicity of this illustration, fab!

  14. Hello Ms. Melissa Mackie ;)
    How are you?
    I send my best regards,
    the first on this year 2012!!!!!☺
    (waiting for your first illustration) (no pressure, eh :)

  15. Clever and pretty. I hope you had a great New year and Christmas Melissa!

  16. Hi, Ms. Melissa!!! how are you??????????????

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