Illustration Friday: Influence
School came to mind with this weeks prompt. The faceless boy who is still developing his sense of self is looking up to a major influence in his life.

Please click on the image for a closer peak.


  1. Well done 'Influence'. It looks tough and disciplined yet it has soft feminine colours. Hopefully this boy is influenced by a deep love for learning by his teacher.

  2. The posture of the boy is spot on, and I love that he is faceless, impressionable. I love that your work is so well thought out--and it gets us to think!! So Excellent!!!

  3. Lovely work. I really like your style.

  4. Well done! Each person of which we admire at the beginning looks very big! And the boy though faceless look with astonishment at his idol.

    As Elizabeth Rose stated, "your work is so well thought out--and it gets us to think!!" Yes I agree.....